Litecoin Prediction

Over the past years, the cryptocurrency market has grown rapidly and is marching with more pace. Litecoin is the fifth largest cryptocurrency, with a market cap of over $12 billion. It is just another digital currency like Bitcoin.

Litecoin was built on the same blockchain as Bitcoin. It can be used in making payments. But, Litecoin is four times faster than the Bitcoin.

It is very hard to predict the exact future of the cryptocurrencies. Litecoin is no exception in that. But using some methodology and keeping eyes on some of the factors the Litecoin predictions can be made.

What is Litecoin?

Litecoin jumped into the cryptocurrency market in 2011. It was an early spin-off of Bitcoin or, Altcoin. It is peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. Litecoin project was released under the license of MIT/X11.

Litecoin empowers instant, close to zero cost payment to anybody on the planet. It is an open source, a worldwide payment network that is completely decentralized. Mathematics secures the system and engages people to control their own funds.

Contrasted with Bitcoin, Litecoin includes quicker exchange affirmation times (2.5 minutes) and enhanced storage effectiveness.

With generous industry bolster, exchange volume, and liquidity, Litecoin is a proven medium of business complementary to Bitcoin. Litecoin is the second most well-known digital currency.

Litecoin was created by Charlie Lee, an ex-employee of Google. Charlie Lee and his team brought a number of features in Litecoin as an improvement over Bitcoin’s implementation.

Litecoin vs. Bitcoin

Litecoin vs. BitcoinLitecoin is fundamentally the same as Bitcoin. Much the same as Bitcoin, it is based upon a similar code. Consider it the operating system upgrade that you get on your smartphone. Much the same as an update to enhance some of the issues with your smartphone, Litecoin expects to settle some of the problems with Bitcoin.

  • The transaction with Litecoin’s technology can be processed faster than Bitcoin.
  • Another key difference between the two cryptocurrencies is the total number of coins that exist. Similar to the world’s gold supply, the supply of the cryptocurrency coin is limited.
  • While making payment through cryptocurrency, the user is required to pay a transaction fee. In Bitcoin, the fee is much higher than the Litecoin.
  • To increase the supply of regular currency, govt. or federal bank can print new notes. But, in cryptocurrency, no coins can be printed. Just like gold, you need to mine new coins in order to use. You need a super specialized and powerful computer to mine Bitcoin. However, you can mine Litecoin by using a normal computer, just by adding some a few graphical processing units (GPU). That’s why, Litecoin is accessible to more people than Bitcoin, and it is termed as the silver of the cryptocurrency, while the Bitcoin as the gold.
  • The difference between the technologies of Litecoin and Bitcoin has major impacts on their prices.

Historic Price trend of Litecoin

Historic Price trend of LitecoinIn the past twelve months, Litecoin has been one of the best performing cryptocurrencies. If a Litecoin was bought at the beginning of 2017 when its price was at $4.5, it would have been made a gain of almost 8000% by the end of the year. Surprisingly, that is almost 80x of the investment.

Another important thing to notice is that Litecoin has very high trading volume. Just after Ethereum, Litecoin is the fourth cryptocurrency in terms of trading volume.

Prediction Methodology

Prediction MethodologyThere is no simple or concrete way to predict the future of any cryptocurrencies like the Litecoin. It is extremely hard to foresee what the cost of Litecoin could be in 24 hours, and significantly harder to anticipate the cost of Litecoin in a year.

Be that as it may, what we can see from the Litecoin value forecasts above is that Litecoin is moving in a positive course. It has the innovative qualities that could assist it with becoming considerably more prevalent in the crypto world.

Technical analysis and expert advice is something you ought to dependably consider before contributing. Regulation could highly affect the eventual fate of Litecoin. In this way, it’s critical that you find out about these regulations, particularly in your nation.

Indeed, even the greatest financial specialists and specialists of cryptographic money think that it’s hard to anticipate the fate of digital money. So before contributing, you ought to do however much research on the market as could be expected and plan your ventures so that regardless of whether the costs fall, you are as yet sheltered.

Litecoin price prediction

Litecoin price predictionIt is obvious that the cryptocurrency market moves quickly, making it extremely troublesome for investors to choose how to pick the best venture alternatives.

In this circumstance, it is best to do your examination to enable you to comprehend what the present market patterns are. Indeed, you ought to consult a financial expert before making any significant ventures.

Listed underneath are the best Litecoin predictions, which you can use as a beginning stage in your examination to enable you to comprehend the market better.

Technical analysis

The technical analysis considers just the certainties of the over a wide span of time value patterns and exchanging volume patterns. It doesn’t consider things, for example, how great the technology behind a digital currency is and so forth.

Technical analysts run the information through scientific capacities to think of value expectations. What is beneficial for us is that we don’t have to stress over the mathematical part as there are numerous analysts who play out the examination and offer it on the web.

A site called, which performs technical analysis, has made a 1-year Litecoin price prediction of around $414. They foresee that Litecoin could be a decent venture alternative over the long haul — their 5-year Litecoin figure is about $1175.

Another technical analysis site thinks that if Litecoin crosses the $220 check, it will be the beginning stage of a further value rise. Their Litecoin price forecast, for the here and now, is set at $300.

Another sort of analysis, called the “Monte Carlo” examination, has been performed on Litecoin. What it predicts is a price scope of $6 to $507 for Litecoin up to November 2018.

All things considered, what we can get from this analysis is that the cost of Litecoin, as different digital currencies, may change a ton this year. What you can likewise take from this, is the cost of Litecoin shouldn’t go above $507 this year.

Prediction based on the price of Bitcoin

There are numerous predictions that say Litecoin’s development will be higher than that of Bitcoin. No one truly comprehends what will occur; however, there are some valid justifications concerning why there are predictions like these.

  • Litecoin has indicated better growth in the most recent year than Bitcoin
  • Litecoin enhanced the innovation that Bitcoin utilizes and it is 4 times quicker than Bitcoin.
  • At present, Litecoin is demonstrating better recovery than Bitcoin.

As per a technical analysis site, the benefits of Litecoin over Bitcoin will attract numerous new investors. Their Litecoin value forecast for the finish of 2018 is $1000; however, there are expectations that it could even ascent up to $2000.

There is another projection by a site called that expects the cost of Litecoin to reach up to $1000. They expect that more investors will begin to invest into Litecoin as they pay special mind to alternatives other than Bitcoin, and to minimize their risk.

Exactly how Bitcoin is frequently contrasted with gold and Litecoin is regularly contrasted with silver; what do we do with gold, all things considered? Store it. Thus, Bitcoin will be utilized for storing value, while Litecoin will be utilized for transacting.

Truly, the facts demonstrate that Litecoin has advantages over Bitcoin. Be that as it may, it is likewise obvious that Litecoin may lose a portion of its advantage which relate to mining and expenses.

Along these lines, as much as the Litecoin projections above might make you want to invest. You should initially investigate alternate factors before settling on a decision.

Litecoin forecast by expert

You probably heard the name of John McAfee, a big-time crypto investor and a very active promoter of cryptocurrencies. His value projections can really affect the costs of cryptocurrencies.

John McAfee believes that Litecoin has not ascended in an incentive as much as it ought to have. He said that Litecoin could rise the same amount of, if not more, than Bitcoin. On the off chance that we trust that John McAfee’s expectation for Bitcoin is right, at that point which is to say that he isn’t right in regards to Litecoin.

Another cryptocurrency analyst George Tung had his say on the Litecoin value expectation. He said that the cost of Litecoin ascends as high as $1500 in 2018. He isn’t the only one as there are numerous specialists and analysts that trust the cost of Litecoin price will keep on ascending in 2018.

Return of Charlie Lee

One reason why many trusts that Litecoin will perform well this year is a direct result of the arrival of Charlie Lee, the author of Litecoin. He cleared out Litecoin and chose to join Coinbase. But recently he has become an active member of the Litecoin group once more.

According to Charlie Lee, 2018 will be a decent year for Litecoin. However, he has declined to give his anticipated price of the cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrencies have begun to get consideration from Wall Street dealers and financial specialists as well. Much the same as us, they couldn’t prevent themselves from taking an interest in cryptocurrency.

Wall Street has loads of experience with regards to making interests in stocks and different resources. Which implies that they ought to have a smart thought of what is, and what is definitely not a decent investment.

BK Capital Management is an organization whose concentration is to make investments in cryptocurrencies. Kelly, the head of BK Capital Management (LLC) and a Wall Street merchant gave a Litecoin value forecast of $500 for 2018, so that may be an expectation worth tuning in to.

Kelly is certain about Litecoin on account of the advantages it has over Bitcoin. He believes that the faster exchanges and low charges are what make Litecoin an alluring investment alternative for everybody.

Just consider Litecoin as iPhone X and Bitcoin as iPhone 8. The main contrast is that iPhone X is less expensive for this situation.


The progressions made to the technology of Litecoin itself are something important to observe. Litecoin recently experienced an event called a ‘Hard Fork.’ Now you may be wondering what a hard work is.

Basically, it parts the cryptocurrency into two. One a player in the split is as yet the more established variant, Litecoin for this situation. The other piece of the split outcomes in the introduction of another cryptocurrency; which for this situation is Litecoin Cash. Litecoin Cash claims to offer certain favorable circumstances over Litecoin, yet we will spare that dialog for some other time.

What really happened when this part occurred? All things considered, something great ought to have occurred, however, nothing happened. Truth be told, Litecoin has performed exceptionally well since the hard fork while Litecoin Cash hasn’t.

Another analysis site Coindesk has additionally had its say on Litecoin value forecast. They think that if Litecoin remains above $240 for a brief timeframe, at that point, it could come to the $300 stamp soon. As indicated by them, Litecoin could profit by the positive news of the organizer, Charlie Lee, and the dispatch of its new highlights.

Litecoin price prediction 2018

With regards to value expectations, many people surmise that Litecoin would have the capacity to close around $ 600 or so in 2018.

As of now, when you look at the digital forms of money available, Litecoin is one of the biggest cryptographic forms of money. A large number of the institutional financial specialists, and additionally cryptographic money reserves, are likewise investing in Litecoin. This is the motivation behind why exchanges in Litecoin are expanding step by step.

In case you’re hoping to put resources into Litecoin, you would have the capacity to make some great benefits during the time as per the Litecoin price prediction 2018. As usual, it would be a smart thought to broaden your digital currency property and decrease the hazard essentially.

Factors that could drive Litecoin higher in 2018

Litecoin (LTC), in the same way as other different cryptographic forms of money, hasn’t had an awesome 2018 as was normal. The vast majority of the year so far has gone with a gnawing bear run, just yielding quickly in April.

Litecoin has achieved an unequaled high of $375 against the USD (Figures on CoinMarketCap). The crypto declined forcefully to see its esteem almost test the sub $100 level. In the present market, the sideways value developments imply that LTC isn’t anyplace close to those levels at $375.

Actually, things appeared to deteriorate for the Litecoin when its much-anticipated Litepay venture fallen just before the normal release date.

More regrettable still, LTC overwhelmed the EOS and quickly via Cardano (ADA). With all these water under the scaffold now, the best way to take a gander at it presently is in connection to the components that could drive this crypto higher in 2018.

  • Litecoin to benefit from the woes and gains of Bitcoin.
  • Increasing adoption of Litecoin for payments.
  • Listing on Gemini.

Possibilities and limitations of Litecoin

Litecoin is a type of advanced cash that utilizations scrambled cryptographic technology and keeps running on blockchain technology. Today there are different working sites which enable you to change over Litecoin to genuine cash and exchange it specifically to your financial balance or the other way around.

It doesn’t have a physical touchable shape. That’s why we call it digital. Not at all like every single other type of currency’s, it’s immaterial so you can’t contact it, smell it, or place it in a safe or locker. This makes it difficult for the older generations. They can’t consider using it to buy, offer exchange billions of dollars each and every day.

Possibilities of Litecoin

  • Litecoin is an open source venture, which implies that it has the capacity and adaptability to actualize important and valuable tech upgrades, for example, SegWit and the lightning system. In that issue, it is an enhanced Bitcoin rendition, which is legitimate since it was a fork of it.
  • It is extensively quicker than Bitcoin. It finishes exchanges in a normal of 2.5 minutes. Contrasted with the 10 minutes it takes to play out a comparative activity.
  • It speaks to a less expensive alternative for individuals hoping to perform exchanges, with a just about zero exchange charge contrasted with Bitcoin.
  • The way toward mining can be more direct on Litecoin than in Bitcoin since it utilizes the new Proof of Work algorithm.
  • A previous Google employee made Litecoin. It brings a feeling of unwavering quality and dependability to the condition.
  • Litecoin has a less ‘toxic’ network since it doesn’t exactly have the span of Bitcoin.
  • It is extensively less unpredictable amid advertised accidents or rectifications than a portion of its companions.
  • The designers and originators have demonstrated fantastic authority abilities all through time: Charlie Lee left Coinbase as the head of building with the goal of concentrating full-time on the Litecoin venture.
  • The nearness of the Lightning Network, a stage that cultivates and advances quicker exchanges.
  • The market cap is low on the off chance that you contrast Litecoin with different tokens at the highest point of the market.
  • The Chinese people are attracted to it, which is an astounding promoting advancement since it speaks to the most noteworthy pool of potential clients.
  • All hardware wallets support Litecoin.

Limitation of Litecoin

  • Bitcoin added SegWit to its inventory of contributions. So, users of Litecoin are waiting for a counter-move. With that advancement, Litecoin lost one of the qualities that made it unique.
  • Since Litecoin is a fork of Bitcoin, or another form of you lean toward the term, it suggests that there will be hardly any, new and inventive thoughts, which are something that altcoins bring to the table.
  • With the unraveling of Bitcoin’s scaling issue, Litecoin market can suffer to some degree.
  • The general population’s recognition may hurt the name of Litecoin. Various individuals assume that it is the same as Bitcoin. It might be some time on the off chance that it occurs at all before Litecoin achieves the prominence and manageability that Bitcoin exhibits each year.

Litecoin & its rivals

Individuals continuously discuss Litecoin and its essential rivals, Bitcoin, Dash, Ripple, Monero, and Ethereum. Notwithstanding, what does the future hold for them? Would it be able to be conceivable that Litecoin, proceeding with an ongoing pattern, continues developing and tops the projections set during the current year?

Discussing which, specialists from different circles called attention to that Litecoin has the establishments to achieve new statures in 2018. A few people are discussing an expansion that can take its incentive to the $500 or $600 territory, a huge rate development whenever supported.

As indicated by Forbes, there are no less than five explanations behind optimism with regards to anticipating Litecoin’s 2018 standpoint. The first is that Bitcoin’s developments and fates exchanging, which spiked its costs. We can securely say that any positive improvements in the Bitcoin people group straightforwardly benefits Litecoin, not just on the grounds that it streams down to Litecoin and different digital forms of money, yet in addition in light of the fact that the additional movement inside the Bitcoin arrange drives up exchange expenses and stops up the framework, causing relocation towards the Litecoin venture.


Additionally, there is a generous deluge of clients on Coinbase, which is a cryptographic money financier that is inclining at the present time. It bolsters three digital forms of money, one of them being Litecoin. Since Coinbase includes 100,000 new clients for each day, it is a positive gain.

Moreover, individuals are beginning to come around Litecoin: they are starting to comprehend that, in some ways, it is like Bitcoin, but on the other hand is quicker and includes altogether less expensive exchange charges, just to name a model.

The network of the Litecoin welcomes clients who need quick, fast arrangements including digital currency and the blockchain innovation, and since they are prevalent at the present time, they won’t have any desire to pass up the upheaval. Because of that phenomenon, individuals lean toward options, for example, Litecoin than those that require more attentive research.

The last reason forecasting future accomplishment for Litecoin is the media consideration that it has started to get as of late. Being in the general public eye will make this option be among the favored alternatives in the crypto universe. Artists, business people, entrepreneurs, financial specialists, and even athletes are discussing it.

Following a couple of long stretches of combination among the best ten digital currencies and exchange systems, Litecoin appears prepared to break out and achieve really first-class status in 2018; however, there is work to be done and development to be accomplished.

Aside from Litecoin’s unique plan, which fits better adaptability and transactability on account of diminished affirmation times and low costs. Second layer arrangements can possibly change micropayments, optimize speed. And these things can make Litecoin more appealing for various reasons.


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