How Does a Toilet Fill Valve Work

A washroom is where we need water the most. Be it while taking a bath, freshening up, cleaning our clothes or the washroom itself. A toilet fill valve also known as a ballcock is a system that fills water in our toilet after you flush it out. There’s a light attached to the machine and it lightens up when the flush tank is empty and it gets off once the water tank is filled. So this way it’s easier for us to know if the tank is leaking or rusting. Siphons can wear and leak if used for a long time. You can find out this problem early with the help of a good quality toilet fill valve. Have a look at 10 best toilet fill valve.

A fill valve has a float that rises with the water level when you press the flush or when the water tank is filled. This float shuts on or off the refill valve when it gets empty or when it gets filled completely.

Have you ever wondered how a toilet fill valve works? If yes, but you couldn’t solve the puzzle by yourself then we are here to describe you how!

How Does a Toilet Fill Valve Function

  1. The fill valve loads water in the tank after each flushes. The fill valve gets on when you just flushed your toilet and remains on until the water tank is filled completely.
  2. About 2 gallons of water gets released to the bowl each time you push the flush handle. Then again the toilet fill valve starts to fill the water tank for the next flushing.
  3. The  siphon in the bowl gets activated by the running water. Then the siphon drains out all the water from the toilet bowl in seconds.
  4. When the water level in the tank falls, the filler float also falls at the same time which turns on the refill valve.
  5. Lastly, water flows down through the toilet fill valve to the water tank and toilet bowl. The filler float starts to rise along with the water level. When the water level and float reach the maximum level, the refill valve shuts off. This whole cycle keeps occurring with each time you press the flush.
  6. If something goes wrong with the valve, you’ll find it stays on for a longer time. If such a thing occurs, you might have to call a plumber.

How Do I Know if My Toilet Fill Valve Isn’t Working?

Hissing Noise Coming From Water Tank: This typically happens when the refill valve is blocked and isn’t opening the way it should. Your toilet flush will make a hissing noise while it refills water in it, after each flush.

A Runny Toilet: When the toilet fill valve seal is worn out, the valve will continuously keep filling the water tank which will result in the excess water to drain down to the bowl through the overflow tube.

Leaking Supply: If you notice water leaking at the coupling that connects the supply line to the fill valve, it means the fill valve is blocked. This will also cause the water tank to fill up much later.

Fixing a Toilet Fill Valve

Fixing a toilet fill valve can be easier if you have a good quality one. Most of the time, replacing the whole toilet fill valve is the only way to fix it. But if the seal wears off, you can change only the seal and your problem will be solved.

Sometimes you won’t even have to buy a new seal, you can clean the older one and the fill valve will start to work like a new refill valve.

Though a toilet fill valve doesn’t need much attention if it’s a good quality refill valve, you need to make some adjustments to make it function decently. There are several types of toilet fill valves on the market. You can buy the one that’s appropriate for your washroom. If you’re thinking of buying a new one, make sure you buy it from a renowned manufacturer.


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