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Do you know in recent times, different types of water sports like surfing, water skiing, rowing, sailing, kayaking, canoeing, and waterboarding are getting popular? What’s the underlying reason for the increasing popularity of water sport is not clear. Perhaps with global warming, people enjoy cool ocean water more than the hot, humid weather of earth? Anyway, in this article, we will discuss several bodyboarding tricks that are appropriate for beginner bodyboarders.

Bodyboarding Basics

Bodyboarding is a gateway sport to more advanced level water sports like surfing. Bodyboarding and surfing are different things. The sport is ideal for beginner level water sport enthusiasts. It’s an inexpensive sport too which requires you to purchase an inexpensive board that you can find in any sporting goods store. Basic bodyboarding physical movement doesn’t require you to stand quickly and properly up. Instead, initially, you need to learn how to lay flat on water with your stomach.

Bodyboarding sport has a quick learning curve. But that does not mean that the sport is less spectacular than other types of water sport. You can acquire the skill of slump down on a face of the wave in less than a day, but displaying more advanced tricks like el Rollo where a bodyboarder directly confronts a lip of a wave so that the wave throws him with its power in an ideal arc position to finish a roll prior to force him to land on white water requires a week of practice.  Below are several bodyboarding tricks that are suitable for beginner level bodyboarders.

Drop Knee

In this bodyboarding position, a bodyboarder put his foot at the forward portion of the board while placing his knee at the rear end of the board.

Prone stance

As we have already stated, bodyboarding doesn’t require you to stand up to catch a big wave. Bodyboarding is mostly performed either on the bodyboarder’s belly or on a single knee. The technique of doing bodyboarding on your belly is called prone stance. Prone is the most favorite position in bodyboarding since it’s the simplest to master.

Aerial and bottom turn

These two bodyboarding tricks are appropriate for both beginner and intermediate level bodyboarders. Starting with bottom turn this trick involves manipulating your body into a twist as soon as you have contacted the underpart of a wave. The secret to performing this trick is utilizing the momentum that your body and board gain from the wave’s velocity.  Aerial tricks involve catching the lip of a wave, throwing yourself on the air while moving your upper body in an onward position.

Air Roll spin

This trick is favorite for small wave bodyboarders. The trick involves a rapid aerial flip which is a combination of a roll and flips on off the top of a wave at a rapid pace. The key to performing air roll spin is figuring out when it is time to spin as soon as you have reached the lip of a wave. While delivering ARS keeping your legs crossed on the board will help you perform this trick.

Back and front flips

The back and front flips are popular among experienced bodyboarders. Both flips are distinguished due to their fast speed and precarious risk factors. To create a successful front and backflip, you need to take into account three factors which are body twists, speed, and wave. To deliver a backflip, position your body and board at the top part of a wave. Arch your back and head backward while chasing the rolling wave. Your legs and torso will also follow while completing a backflip. To do a front flip, choose a small but powerful wave since you will utilize the momentum of the wave to throw your body in front of the wave.

360 Turn

As the name implies, it’s a complete rotation. This physical movement is performed on the uniform section of the wave. You can deliver a 360 while doing a knee riding or prone riding. Start the trick by slightly turn on your left side. Glide forward the bodyboard to position your face along with the bodyboard’s nose. Your effort will be positioning your body well centered on the bodyboard. Raise your legs, curve your back, and then thrust your head to the left. Look for a place where you want to do a spin.

Cut Back

It’s a basic maneuver in the sport of bodyboarding. To deliver this trick, pick a wave with your shoulder height with no barrel or lip. Initiate the trick by turning on your body’s left slightly below the apex of a wave. Once you find your spot where you want to initiate the cutback, move your weight towards the outer rail while applying pressure with the right hand in the center part of the right rail.  Envisage the spot where you like to halt your turn and then return to the right side.

El Rollo

It’s another foundation trick of bodyboarding. It involves picking a wave with a lip, let the lip to throw you and then roll over prior to landing.

360 Reverse

This trick is similar to 360. Initiate the spin on the right side instead of. This trick is more difficult than 360. But it’s a nice trick if delivered skillfully.


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