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Crypto Miner

I am a U.K.-based computer programmer and Java development team leader. My current work also involves the development of front-end systems using Oracle Glassfish server. My extensive programming experience includes programming for Android and Windows mobile platforms, virtual worlds, and skills like Objective C, ASP.NET, PHP, cloud computing and creating custom protocols for UDP transfer. I previously worked with a team that developed the SignalTrader forex plugin for MetaTrader 4 (also known as MT4) a well-known Forex trading and analysis platform. But my keen interest lies in the cryptocurrency market, and I have been blogging about crypto mining since 2010. It is somehow crucial for everyone in the cryptocurrency market to know about the experts' insights to become successful in currency mining. I try to educate my readers with all the necessary information about currency mining. They get in-depth analysis and insight on crypto mining in my blog. I have got a Computer Science & Engineering Degree from the University of Washington and completed my MBA from Columbia Business School. I am married with three children and based in Washington DC.