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Francis J. Haddix

Market Cap Specialist

I have been working as a contributing business editor for many publications. My analytical articles and in-depth analysis of the crypto market has been a feature of the business segment of many newspapers. But, my specialized arena is market cap analysis. I have been writing blogs on cryptocurrency exchange and market Cap Information since 2010. My aim is to inform my readers about the different cryptocurrency exchange or brokerage platforms that will help them to get a knowledgeable idea of future potentials. When I dove into the world cryptocurrency, there wasn't much resource to seek help for. So, I decided to come up with my insight and expertize to help those who want to try their luck in cryptocurrencies. Market cap analysis for well-informed exchange or brokerage platforms is the area that my blog offers helpful tips in. I have my post-graduation in Economics from Yale University. I have also completed my MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business. I am yet to marry and living in Boston with my crazy dog ‘Bully.’